Interesting Amazon interview with Herman Koch, author of Summer House With Swimming Pool

Amazon Editorial Review: Review
Exclusive Q&A with Author Herman Koch

Q. Could you explain some of the inspiration for Summer House with Swimming Pool?

A. At first I thought about the idea of a ‘passive’ murder. In a novel, if a character wants to kill someone, they have to think about weapons and there’s a certain amount of planning. A doctor, however—particularly an ambivalent one like Marc Schlosser—could murder someone simply by medical error. I found this real-life possibility intriguing.

Q. Like The Dinner, Summer House with Swimming Pool calls upon a parent’s natural instinct to protect their children, both from external forces and from themselves. How does this theme speak to you as a writer?

A. Being a parent myself I found that this instinct to protect is stronger than anything else. In writing the two books I was curious as to how far my characters were prepared to go. Marc Schlosser in Summer House is only thinking in the interest of his daughters and yet, as readers we might ask ourselves if he is going too far.

Get the rest of the interview here:


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