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The Power of a haircut and One Plus One by Jojo Moyes


That’s some powerful stuff there, Coco. You’re putting a lot of power in a haircut.

I’m not so sure about the all-wise, all-knowing, all-style Coco Chanel’s thoughts on hair. I’m not really attempting to changing my life, at least not in big ways. But I did get a haircut yesterday. And I love it.

My hair was somewhere in the netherlands between my chin and my shoulder, just long enough for a pony, not long enough for that long, flowy look. But my hair is VERY fine, and growing it any longer meant split ends and dead looking hair. So, I decided to go really short.

Every few years of my life I attempt to grow my hair longer. And then I cut it short and think: THIS, this is how my hair is meant to be. This is how I’m supposed to look. And this time when I cut my hair, I had another epiphany. I feel like I’m supposed to feel. I feel sassy, and strong, and smart. The way I think I should feel all the time, the me that is really inside.

Cutting my hair makes me feel like a better version of myself.

Now, who knows if that’s true. But for today it is. I feel like I can strings better words together and create incredible, life changing sentences. I feel like any fiction I read will be life shattering and make me feel feels more than any other fiction. With my new haircut, I will have the cleanest house and the most organized life.

Maybe Coco was right.

Any way, I now have a short, sassy cut. Let’s get this day going, bitches!  😉

And now, onto One Plus One by Jojo Moyes.

I love Jojo Moyes. Yes, she’s a little sappy and very chick lit, but she is just perfect for certain times.
It was last year right after Christmas (obviously, by the title and life post) when I reviewed two of her books and a novella (Kindle Single) in one post.  ( So, maybe Moyes is a winter/Christmas thing for me. Romance, English countryside, and a cup of hot coffee (or cocoa, or tea) really go well together.

She’s not straight romance, not in the bodice-ripping kind, at least. She tells a great story, and there maybe some tears, and there may even be sex (not always), but there usually is a little love going on.

And so goes One Plus One.

Jess Thomas is working on a delicate balancing act: She is trying to take care of her small family as a single mom, working as a cleaning woman by day and a barmaid by night. Her husband left for his mothers for a couple of weeks after a string of bad decisions left him bereft, but that was two years ago. She is left to care for their daughter alone, but also his son by a previous marriage, a teenage goth boy named Nicky. Along with a large dog, Norman, they are barely keeping it all together.

When Nicky is hospitalized after an attack by local bullies and Tanzie is targeted to attend the nearby private school because of her incredible ‘maths’ skills , Jess’s balancing act is getting harder and harder. Although Tanzie has been offered an incredible scholarship, Jess knows she can’t swing the small bit she does have to chip in, not even including the uniform and other necessaries. And the husband is of no help.

Just when Jess is ready to turn down the private school, she learns about a maths Olympiad. All the way in Scotland. That weekend. Through a series of circumstances, she is offered a ride by one of her cleaning clients, Ed Nicholls, a man with his own issues (being wrongly accused of insider trading and being locked out of the company he helped build with his own computer-y maths brain).

And this is when the fun, and romance, and life-saving begin. Ups and downs, hurts and feels, love and redemption. All the best of a great rom-com. Come to think of it, One Plus One would make a fabulous movie.

Moyes is great at stringing words together, making a beautiful, fun story out of what could be trite and predictable. There are enough twists and turns to keep it away from predictable. Moyes does a great job. I didn’t love it as much as The Girl You Left Behind or Me Before You, but I did love it.

Four stars.



I love to read; writing is my outlet. My blog is my way to combine the two, with a some life stories thrown in for good measure.

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