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Bring it, 2015! and White Teeth by Zadie Smith


I’m ready 2015. Bring your best, because I’m taking you down. And I’m gonna do it with a smile on my face.

2014 was just a year. We had some great vacations (Disney in February, a driving trip to Colorado in August), and we made some great memories there. But, other than that, it was just a year. No big changes. No one got a new job. No one lost a job. The girls didn’t have big transitions from one school to another. No losses. No gains.

And that’s good, I guess. Everything has been static. And actually, that is good. Having everything stay the same is good. It’s nice to have a year like that every once and awhile. But now I’m ready for a great year.

I’m ready to take on more writing projects and to read some great books. I’m ready for breakthrough years for both my girls. I’m ready for my husband’s business to reach another level.

I’m ready to get back into working out. I know, this is everyone’s resolution, but it’s really just a return to something I love. I feel better about myself and pay attention to what I put into my body when I’m spending valuable time working out.

I’m going to try to blog every day. We’ll see how long that lasts; when I don’t blog, I will be writing. Just sometimes I run out of things to tell you all!

In 2015, I’m going to stick to a budget and REALLY surprise my husband.

This year, I’m going to re-read some classics (James Joyce is first. Dubliners, Portrait of An Artist, Ulysses. Then Jane Eyre), and jump into a few that I haven’t yet read.

And I’m going to keep staying positive. Positive thoughts and words, and a positive roll model for my girls.

So, see ya later 2014. Hello, 2015. Bring it on over here. I’m gonna make you sit, stay, and speak on command. I’m gonna make you mine.

And now, White Teeth by Zadie Smith.

Zadie Smith hit on something wonderful with White Teeth. This was her first published work, and it was big news because she got a huge advance (six figures, if I remember correctly), relatively unheard of for a new, young writer.

We are first introduced to Archie Jones and Samad Iqbal, World War II veterans in 1975 London. Throughout the book we watch these two and their late-in-life families: Archie, his Jamaican wife Clara (it’s his second marriage), and their daughter, Eire; Samad, in an arranged marriage with a much younger woman, and their twin sons. Through these characters (the men, their wives, and their children) we witnesses the changes that occur in England in the last part of the 20th century. We watch as the men struggle to raise their children, we watch as the children struggle with love, religion, science, and a new, multicultural world.

This is a distinctively character-driven novel. There is no one moment that defines the novel, and the characters all have their moments. It is funny, sad, and smart. Smith was young when she wrote this; it was published when she was just 25. But this youth makes not one whit of difference in this incredible debut.

Read this one. It is what I like in a novel: A book with brilliantly vivid characters that make me experience a whole range of emotions. I give it all five stars.



I love to read; writing is my outlet. My blog is my way to combine the two, with a some life stories thrown in for good measure.

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