Go AWAY! and Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett

 This 10850685_10205448105143437_834895177_nmug pretty much sums up my thoughts. This is why I get up earlier than my family. This is why I hide myself away for about a half an hour (or more, if I can), so that I clear my head, drink my coffee, and get ready for my day.

And, the first day back from break, I get a whole morning to relax. To chill. To reconnect with my life as a mom of school-aged children.

But today was not to be that day. First, Libby was allowed to stay home in order to get her newly chipped front tooth fixed (vanity, thy name is 11 year old girl). But she’s quiet. Then the hubs decided to stay home. He’s not quiet. Then he threatened to drink the end of my coffee.

I knew I was going to be busier than I wanted. I was going to have to do a grocery run. Libby had to go to the dentist. So, my expectations weren’t too high. All I really wanted was an hour to drink MY coffee and peruse the interwebs. In relative silence.

And then my dream was crushed.

So I did what every savvy mother would do: I whined on Facebook. And the i-love-you-more-than-coffeehusband saw it (Evil, thy name is middle-aged momma). Guess what?

It worked. He became quiet. He volunteered to take Libby to the dentist. AND he left my coffee alone.

That’s why I love him.

Now, onto Follett’s Edge of Eternity.

I LOVED the first two books in this series. The characters were real and engrossing, and the stories were soo interesting. The timelines seemed realistic, and the family connections made the history fun.

Then this book.

The third book in the trilogy, Edge of Eternity, starts off okay. Yes, it is preachy and political, but the story was still interesting and engrossing. But then, it wasn’t. Either interesting or engrossing. It became boring and listless. And it was torture to finish.

These books are big, tomblike things that I didn’t mind getting through. And then suddenly it was like swimming through mud. My guess is that Follett lost interest and rushed through. The problem was it was relatively recent history, so anyone with knowledge could tell that he gave up.

One of my book rules is: finish the book if you get to the halfway point. Usually this is fine, but this one was really, really tough.

If you’ve invested enough to read the first two books, you’re going to have to finish this one (like me). But it is not going to be easy, or fun. And reading for fun shouldn’t be such hard work.


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