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SNOW DAY! and Rainbow Rowell’s Landline

Yesterday I whined and complained to you all about not having the d1972455_10205285757084837_8954676784386916991_nay I expected; almost everyone was home and I was not getting my nice, quiet coffee time. Well, the powers that be decided to give and take today. They are probably laughing right now.

Yes, it’s a SNOW DAY! which means I got a nice, quiet morning. My family sleeps in (all except me). I had to wake them at 10 a.m. So I got a couple of hours to enjoy my coffee and think my thinks.

Yep, that’s all I wanted yesterday. An hour of quiet to enjoy my java. I got that. But the trade off is a day of noise and children.

Be careful what you wish for.

Actually, I love snow. I grew up in Colorado, and we had quite a bit of snow, but also a lot of sun. My parents owned a ski shop, and we LOVED snow, as it meant more sales and rentals. Then, after my first round of college and a couple of years of au pair-ing in New York, I lived in the Vail Valley (Beaver Creek) and skied for a living (ski instructor). Our livelihood, and our fun, relied on the snow.

My love of snow carried over into my full-on adulthood. Especially snowy, sunny days. They make me feel like I’m back in the Rockies; I’m in my closet looking for my ski clothes before I remember that I live in Ohio and I rarely ski any more (too expensive, and I don’t live in Colorado. I can’t bring myself to pay a lot to ski in Ohio).

So, I’ll take the snow day and I’ll pretend that I’m entertaining 6-13 year olds in the ski lodge, waiting to go SKIING.

Of course, in real life they’re my own kids. And I have to work (at my computer). And we don’t get to go skiing. Oh well, I’m a writer. I have a great imagination.

And now Landline by Rainbow Rowell.

I love Rainbow Rowell. I loved Eleanor & Park, a YA novel that harkens back to the 80’s and my teen years. I liked Attachments, an adult novel that relives the days e-mail (I guess before texting really took off), and an IT guy with the awful job of reading people’s work emails in order to check them for personal communications (a no-no).

And I loved Landline. Romantic, sappy, and introspective. All those things a good adult, chick-lit book should have. It made me smile, and that’s good.

It’s Christmas time in LA. Georgie and Neal are heading to his home in Omaha for the holiday–that is until Georgie has a shot at her dream. See, Georgie is comedy writer working on a sitcom, and suddenly the sitcom she and her partner have been developing since college has a shot. But they have to have a bunch of episodes ready to present right after Christmas. So Georgie stays in LA, bidding her (stay-at-home) husband and daughters farewell.

Amd suddenly Georgie is worried that she’s bid her 15-year marriage farewell at the same time. She’s stuck in LA, staying at her mother’s house (because she can’t face her house), and she can’t seem to concentrate on work. When she can’t get Neal on his cellphone, she opts for the landline that is still in her room from her youth. That landline, connected to Neal’s landline in Omaha, sends her back in time, to college, to another time she almost lost Neal. She gets to communicate with her husband right before they decided to get married.

Rowell writes a quirky, funny tale that questions all the choices Georgie made along the way. Did she do the best for Neal, or was she selfish? Georgie gets a chance to relearn why she loves Neal, and to decide if it is good for him.

This book was interesting and fun. I like fun and I like to be interested. Ergo, I liked this book. 4.5 stars.



I love to read; writing is my outlet. My blog is my way to combine the two, with a some life stories thrown in for good measure.

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