New school year resolutions + “Speaking in Bones” by Kathy Reichs


New year’s resolutions.

There’s a whole industry built on the idea that we should try to become better people when the year on the calendar changes. Eat better. Exercise. Get organized. Stop yelling at our kids.

I do it every year, too. The thing that most people don’t know is those aren’t my real, true resolutions. 

I actually make my resolutions when my kids go back to school.

I’ve done it forever. Since high school probably. Because that always seems like when the new year starts.

New classes. New goals. New schools. New teachers. Why not try to make yourself into a better person? It makes SOOO much more sense to do it now rather than in January, when it’s all cold and all you really want to do is drink wine.

My girls started school last Wednesday (on the 12th–waaaay too early), but I’m getting started on my list this week. We got back from vacation just before school started, and I didn’t have time to get my life organized, let alone start a new routine. But tomorrow, I begin.

I’m going to do the regular resolutions stuff. Start exercising. Eat better. Be the organized mom. All the healthy, role-model-ly stuff that I mean to do.

But there are a few other things I’m going to do this year. Here’s a quick list:

  • Go to bed early
  • Get up early
  • Write more, since I’m getting up early
  • Stop babying my younger daughter
  • Start broaching those ‘uncomfortable’ topics with my older daughter
  • Spend time listening to my husband (because he talks a lot, and I often cut him off)
  • Be more proactive when it comes to my own health
  • Try to talk more, yell less
  • Stay on top of house work

There’s a few of them. I mean, really, it all boils down to getting to bed earlier. I get a lot more done in the mornings.

So, I guess I better be done with this, and get to bed. After all, my new year starts tomorrow!

But first, let me tell you about Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs.

I don’t often read Reichs, even though I love her characters, her writing, and her mysteries. I know that makes no sense. I guess it’s because it’s a series, and I look at how many I haven’t read, and it is quite daunting for me.

That and I’m worried that ‘book’ Temperance Brennan will get confused in my mind with ‘TV’ Temperance Brennan. Even though the only similarities are their names and their careers.

But I’m really glad I jumped in and read Speaking in Bones, though. Really glad.

The Premise

When ‘websleuth’ Hazel ‘Lucky’ Strike shows up with a voice recording of what sounds like a girl being held and terrorized, Temperance is pulled in to the mystery. Lucky is convinced that it is the voice of missing teen Cora Teague, the daughter of parents caught up in a backwoods fundamentalist Catholic church that has forsworn the Pope and is run by a defrocked priest. Tempe believes it all, but can’t quite find all the proof.

Searching for clues in the mountains and backwoods is eerie, Cora’s family is creepy, and other members of the church are just down right scary.

My Thoughts 

The storyline in Speaking in Bones is wonderful: beautiful scenery, crazy backwoods religion, psychological disorders, and ‘websleuthing.’ Engrossing stuff that made me jump on the computer and do some sleuthing of my own about some of the topics in this book. AWESOME!

Reichs writes with intelligence without bogging the reader down with tons of meaningless details, finding a magic balance between the two.

I give Speaking in Bones four stars. I may have to find some time and read a few more in this series!


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