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Raising a fiercely independent daughter +”Along the Infinite Sea” by Beatriz Williams WITH giveaway copies!

***First off, I want to apologize for being out of commission for a couple of weeks. I have been down and out with some sort of flu that morphed into a sinus infection that I just could not shake! But I’m back, and feeling much better!

When my eldest daughter was born, I knew what I wanted for her. A  life filled with beauty and passion and constant learning. I wanted her to be loyal and to be loved, to find her own path. I wanted her to be intelligent and her own person.

I wanted her to be fiercely independent. 10526134_822477717786405_8959167975655554558_n

This proves the old adage: Be careful what you wish for. But also, be happy it’s coming true.

Having a child with an independent spirit means they can make up their own minds and they stick to their guns, no matter what the crowd is doing. It means that she’ll do things in her own time, in her own way, on her own terms. And I love all of that.

But there is also the whole part of independence from Mom (that would be me) that I’m not sure I like. Sure, I’m proud and happy that she can make up her own mind and do her own thing, but there are things about an independent child that drive me nuts. Like the whole not telling mom when she’s down. I want her to come to me, to rely on me a bit, to know, whatever else, I’m on her side. I want her to confide in me more than she does.

Now, she’s only 12, so she hasn’t had any real crises, but I think she will come to me when she truly needs help. She is fiercely independent, but she’s also very honest. She rarely lies (although she has been known to invade the truth), and she’s not shy about asking questions. So I have to believe that, if there is something important going on, she’ll ask for help.

It is really nice having a self-reliant, independent almost-teen. She does her homework without prodding (usually), she gets herself up for school, makes and eats her own breakfast, makes her own lunch, gets herself off to the bus. She gets herself ready for swim practice and meets, and has starting doing her own laundry. She talks to the right people about activities and clubs at school, and gets her assignments from teachers or friends when she misses a day. All and all, I think she’s a bit better off than some college freshman I’ve heard about.

So, yes, I got my wish. A fiercely independent daughter who is able to fend for herself. I just wish, every once and awhile, she needed her mom more. For advice and secrets and all that girly stuff. All-in-all, though, I’ll take independent.

For now.

Okay, onto Beatriz William’s Along the Infinite Sea. AND I have 2 copies of the book to giveaway! Read on to find out how to win!


I nodded my head once, because even when you looked down fro the heights to measure the distance to the surface, and the terror turned your limbs to water, you knew you had to dive, you had no choice except to jump.

Want to win a copy of this book? Keep reading to find out how!!!

The Premise

This is the third and final book about the Schuyler sisters, and I have to start by saying I did not read the first two. It did not take anything away from this book, which was historic, romantic, and mysterious.

It’s the raging 60’s, and Pepper Schuyler, the youngest of the three Schuyler sisters, is in trouble. After forging her own path and going to work for a senator in D.C., Pepper finds herself pregnant after an affair with the married, and powerful, man.  Pepper’s discovery of a beautiful, rare, vintage Mercedes gives her a chance to have it restored for sale, thus setting her up in her own life. The book opens with the sale of this vintage vehicle.

On the other end of the purchase is Annabelle Dommerich, a beautiful, rich woman with her own mysterious past. Annabelle takes Pepper under her wing, protecting her from the senator and his powerful friends. While we watch Annabelle, and then her son, protect the beautiful Pepper, Annabelle herself tells readers her story of World War II, a story of love and bravery and strength.

While readers read about Pepper and her evasion of the senator, her re-connection with her family, and her new place in the world with a baby, we’re also regaled with Annabelle’s attempt to make peace with her past. The beautiful Mercedes is a piece of the puzzle, the very vehicle the spirited Annabelle and her family out of Germany.

The story of two beautiful, independent women, this wonderful book tells a tale of historic bravery while also telling the story of a ‘compromised’ woman trying to do the right thing in the 1960’s.

My Thoughts

Along the Infinite Sea is a new favorite. At some point in my reading life, I’m going to have to go back and read The Secret Life of Violet Grant and Tiny Little Thing, and probably also A Hundred Summers, as characters from this book show up in Along the Infinite Sea. Williams uses tricks I LOVE–weaving characters from earlier books into her newer books. I love it when an author can’t let go of a character. When you create a great character, it should be hard to let them go!

Any way, Williams does an incredible job of weaving two tales of independent women together, creating stories than connect in a variety of ways. Annabelle’s WWII story is beautiful and brave, giving readers a glimpse of true honor and courage. And Pepper’s story is one of strength and mettle, a tale of woman bound and determined to do what she considers the right thing on her own terms.

I give Along the Infinite Sea 4.5 stars. Wonderful, readable, and fun. Filled with history and romance, it’s a perfect book to sink into this Thanksgiving week when you’re stuck with family!!! Enjoy!

Want a copy of this book? I have not one but TWO copies to give away, thanks to the folks at Putnam & Sons. The first two real people to comment with the name a fiercely independent woman in their life win the copy! Must live in the United States. 



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