The scourge of school mornings is almost over + Mary Kubica’s “Don’t You Cry”


1407449118_3fe2c84f35It’s the last full week of school (even though it’s really just the middle of May, but any way . . .), and one thing is abundantly clear: moms that I know HATE making school lunches.

This is one of the things we look forward to the most in the summer. We don’t have to struggle over school lunches at 7:00 in the morning (or the night before, if you’re THAT mom).

I know, you’re thinking “if it’s that big of a pain, why don’t you let your kids eat school lunches?” Well, my younger daughter has Celiac disease, and I’m a little cautious. Her reactions aren’t as bad as a peanut allergy, but her tummy does over-react if she gets gluten. Lots of gas and diarrhea, both of which I will avoid if possible. And I’m sure the central school kitchen isn’t really checking for cross-contamination.

I started packing her lunch when she was diagnosed. And, because I was packing for her, I started packing for my older daughter. She started packing her own lunches this year (yeah!!!), so that’s one less lunch I have to worry about in the morning.

But my younger daughter. By this time in the school year, I’m running on fumes trying to figure out what gluten free things she’ll eat today. I wonder if ketchup can be considered a veggie, or is it a fruit — because we all know by now that tomatoes are fruit?

Should I feel guilty that her yogurt is the one with ‘chocolate on the top?’ Maybe I should, but I don’t.

How bout the fact that I also threw in a mini Hersey’s bar, because I’m running low on other stuff?

I’ll feel guilty about this in mid-August. Right now I’m wondering how I’m going to get through this last week and a half of lunches.

A we near the finish line of the school year, the lunches will progressively get worse as my stock of stuff dwindles.

Next Thursday, when the girls are sleeping in because school is DONE, I’ll celebrate with a morning free of lunches. I’ll have my coffee free of the smell of warmed up hot dogs (do they really stay warm until lunch?!) and ketchup. I won’t have to wash the lunch containers that evening. In fact, those lunch containers can be put away until August.

I can say thins knowing that by the end of June I’ll gladly trade in my lunch-free mornings for kid-free days. I’ll start looking forward to creative lunches, and even consider making my older daughter’s lunches (except she leaves an hour earlier than her sister, sooo . . . ).

Motherhood is always a trade-off.

But, right now, at this moment, I CANNOT wait to get rid of lunch making. I’m sick to death of the Hello Kitty lunchbox, and the containers that go inside. I’m sick of hot dogs and ham and gluten free chicken nuggets.

So bring it on, May 26th. I’m ready for you, in all your school lunch-free glory.

Now it’s time for my review of Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica.

Note: Don’t You Cry will be release on May 17th–which is tomorrow if you’re reading this post the day I wrote it! 

“Single White Female on steroids…. Mary Kubica is a must-read.”

Lisa Scottoline

The Premise

Quinn Collins is a lost soul. Out of college for a little more than a year, she’s working at a job that bores her, in love with a co-worker whose engaged to another woman, sleeping with men she doesn’t really know. She wants something to change, she just doesn’t know what to do to change it.

And then there’s her roommate. Esther Vaughn. She’s bright, sweet, and smart. They become good friends in they year they spend together. And then suddenly she’s gone.

Looking through her room, Quinn starts investigating Esther’s life, putting together bits and pieces in order to ascertain the real Esther.

What she learns is that she doesn’t know Esther Vaughn at all.

Meanwhile, in a small Michigan town on the lakefront, Alex Gallo is drawn to a mysterious older woman. She draws him in, and suddenly he’s deep into something dark and sinister.

As Quinn attempts to unravel Esther in order to find her, Alex struggles under the strangers pull. As both work to unravel the mysteries in front of them, the past rushes in to change everything.

My Thoughts

Mary Kubica writes a great mystery. I loved her last two books, and couldn’t wait for Don’t You Cry. When it went into my TBR ARC pile, it was all I could do NOT to dive in immediately (I like to read my ARCs closer to the release date, if at all possible).

Guess what? It lived up to my dreams!

Twisty, dark, suspenseful. Riveting.

Quinn Collins is the perfect imperfect heroine. Short on self-esteem, unsure of her place in the world. Likable and a little wayward, you want to scream at her and hug her at the same time. And Alex? Who doesn’t want to mother him a bit?

In fact, all of these characters need better mothers in their lives. That’s kind of the running theme. But any way . . .

Don’t You Cry keeps readers glued to the pages until the last moment. The characters and just angsty enough, the plot with just the right number of twists.

I like mysteries on a rainy day, so I can say that this is the perfect rainy day mystery (although it would be good anywhere!). One word of caution–make sure there is nothing in your life that needs tending to when you pick it up (kids, work, husbands, etc . . . ), because you’re not going to want to put it down!

4.5 stars. Mesmerizing!!!

Other Book Facts

Book:              Don’t You Cry

Author:           Mary Kubica

Publisher:      MIRA

Release Date:  May 17th, 2016

Pages:               320


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