Some post-election thoughts from a right leaning woman

First off, know this: It’s not you, it’s her and THEM.

I did not vote for him. Nor did I vote for her. But I am Republican woman, and I associate with a lot of Republicans. I listened to those around me, both sides. And I can tell you, most that I know voted not necessarily for Trump, but against Hillary, the Clintons, and the elites.
Those I know don’t want her corruption, the Clinton corruption. That is scarier to them than the horrible things he has said. They can forgive those for the same reason they can’t vote for Clinton: He’s not a politician. He’s not been tempering his public thoughts for years. (And if you think the Clintons don’t use ugly words behind closed doors I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Do you think she didn’t call Bill’s women some horrible names? Or that upstart Barrack Obama in 2008? Or Trump, in the last few months?)

The Trump voters don’t want the elite on the coasts telling them what to do, how to vote. No Hollywood preaching from actors and entertainers who don’t know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck.

They don’t want to be told that they’re backwards and upside down as they watch their paychecks¬†disappear in taxes and their healthcare go up in flames.

These people don’t want to elect a woman just to elect a woman. Especially not that woman.

MOST (not all) could care less about your gender, your color, or who you marry. They’re more worried about their town, their neighborhood, their family. They know that free college means more taxes, because nothing in this world is free.

Hillary refused to address that part of the electorate, except to call them deplorable.

She’s a known insider. Middle America watched her trade national security for ease and comfort — and many feel she traded security to keep her own secrets.

So know that everyone who voted for Trump is not a bigoted, hateful person that you’re painting them to be.¬†To many, it’s worth knowing that it’s not a Clinton in office. America chose the anti-politician because they couldn’t elect a Clinton.

So put it all behind you and give people the benefit of the doubt. Look at your neighbor and decide whether you can help him or hate him.

It’s not going to be Donald Trump who changes this nation, but our reaction to his presidency.

And, if it all gets too much for any of us, remember–there are always books.

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