“The River at Night” by Erica Ferencik

I’m kind of an independent person. I share a lot of what goes on in my life, but I don’t life a lot of help.

It’s kind of a family trait: Keeping swimming no matter how far the shore is, refusing the rides offered by boats going by, never taking that offered hand until the actual drowning starts.

I found myself doing this a lot the last few weeks. Life got crazy, and I felt myself swimming for the shore. And I’m a pretty good swimmer. But the waves and the tide kept knocking me back, and the shore stayed just out of reach. Luckily, I had friends that threw me some buoys anyway, whether I wanted them or not.

I thank God that we landed in a town like ours, small enough to form a community of good friends.

That may be why I felt a real affinity for Wini in Erica Ferencik’s The River at Night.

Wini, or Winifred Allen, has had a rough go. Her job is crushing her, her brother died, and her marriage has ended. A trip with her best friends seems like a great fix.

Even if it is a trip in the remote Allagash Wilderness to raft uncharted waters. Not really Wini’s style, but her uber-adventurous friend convinces Wini and friends, and the four women find themselves headed to the heart of Maine’s back country.

But trouble strikes early: a freak accident leaves them stranded, separating them from their raft, their food, and all their gear. As dark descends, they spot a smoke in the woods, leading them to campfire at a remote, ramshackle homestead, the dominion of recluses who define living off-the-grid. And outsiders are not welcome.

Suddenly, Wini and friends are fighting for their lives in uncharted wilderness. Old angers surface and secrets emerge, and their friendships are put to the test. Through it all, Wini is forced to reach deep to well of strength she didn’t know existed.

The River at Night gives readers an intimate look at four women and their friendship. Their relationships are dissected and thoroughly, painstakingly examined, leaving readers to discover and uncover the chinks and kinks in their friendships, while also watching them fight for their lives during a heart-pounding escape through uncharted hinterlands.

I live for true, heart-stopping mysteries, the ones that make it impossible to put down. And I LOVE a book that looks deep at women’s friendships–which can be intimate and back-biting at the same time.

The River at Night does both; shedding light on the flaws in a friendship while also making your heart pound in terror. Thrills and emotions.

I loved it.

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