My book review policy and process

My Review Policy

Thank you for looking into my review policy. I appreciate you taking the time to learn about my reading and review process as well as my preferences.

Please know that while I will accept books from many sources, I cannot guarantee a review. That said, I do try to review every book I read. If time is a consideration, please let me know.

A little bit about my reading and review process:

I usually read 2-3 books a week, 10-12 books a month. If I read a book I can promise:

  • A review of the book on my page. If time is a consideration, please let me know.
  • Listing on my Goodreads Currently Reading List.
  • If I’ve received the book in physical form (my preferred choice), I will feature it on my Constantly Reading Momma Instagram and Facebook pages and on Twitter.
  • If it fits my criteria, I will list it with my Book Club recommendations.

As stated, if time is a consideration, please let me know. I can usually guarantee coverage at a specific time given enough notice. 

I prefer physical books, but will read ebooks. I do not review self-published books or unpublished manuscripts. I do not promise a review for every book I read. 

I also LOVE audio books.

I’m open to receiving unsolicited books, but please make sure they meet my review requirements.

I love participating in blog tours. Please feel free to send my pitches and invites.

My genre preferences

I enjoy pretty much everything, but my go-to genres are literary fiction, suspense/mystery, women’s fiction (including chic-lit), historical fiction, and some science fiction and fantasy.

I will selectively read and review middle grade fiction, young adult fiction, and some children’s books.

I love to cook, and am considering branching into a once a week cookbook review.

When a book tickles my fancy, I will read memoirs, humor, poetry, and non-fiction.

I usually do not read hardcore horror, romance, erotica, LGBTQIA (as a genre), and self help.

I love a good series, but will not start in the middle of a series. If you want me to read your series, please provide copies of previous books. Please note, because series are such a commitment, I am VERY selective about the series I read.

 My Contact Info:

Feel free to message me on any of the following social media platforms, or through my contact page.