My book review policy and process

My Review Policy

The biggest part of my Constantly Reading Momma blog are book reviews. I receive books from a variety of sources, and do a few giveaways here and there. 


What I Review

My go-to Read and Review categories are:

  • literary fiction
  • women’s fiction (including chick-lit and LIMITED romance)
  • historical fiction 
  • suspense/mystery
  • sci-fi/fantasy

I selectively Read and Review  the following from a mom’s perspective: 

  • Middle Grade
  • Teens/YA
  • Children’s

And sometimes I Read and Review :

  • memoirs
  • humor
  • poetry
  • non-fiction

I don’t REVIEW (just because I don’t read them as much):

  • Erotica
  • Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • LGBTQIA (as a category)
  • Self-Help

I reserve the right to not review a book, and books I read may not get reviewed.

About My Posts and Reviews

  • I combine a lifestyle/family blog with my book reviews. If you wonder about me, here’s my bio page.
  • I will review your book honestly, but I am a book lover and an optimist. In other words, I usually love what I read.
  • That said, there are times when I don’t like a book.  Please don’t take it personally. I appreciate all the time and love you put into the words I read, but it may not have been my cup of tea.
  • I review books in paper, Kindle, or audio format.  I LOVE ‘real’ books, and will cherish those sent to me, but I also love my Kindle Paperwhite and appreciate the fact that it holds so many books so neatly, and that I put lots of books in my bag and take them with me without too much trouble.

What You Can Expect From My Reviews

  • My own overview of the story.
  • My honest opinion.
  • Pictures of book cover, linked to the book’s Amazon page.
  • Links within the review to the book’s Amazon page.
  • Several links to my review or the review itself on various social media sites (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest).
  • I post my review on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. I will also add my review to Netgalley, if that is where I got the book.
  • I will e-mail reviews if requested. Email me at

To Request A Review

  • Please email me at with the following: book title, author’s name, genre, publisher’s name, length of book, and book format, date to be published.
  • A link to the Netgalley page is acceptable.
  • I’m open to Q & A (email only), author spotlight, or a guest blog.

My Process

  • If I get an email that requires a reply, I will reply.
  • I read a lot and try to blog 3 days a week. That said, I’m a wife and a mother, and I have a full-time (from home) job. Sometimes I blog less, sometimes more.
  • I can give you estimated review date, and I’m open for suggestions. But remember the kids, family, and job. Sometimes things get in the way. I keep a calendar, but it is tentative (because of the kids, family, and job).
  • When I post my review, it will also be published to various forms of social media. I tag as much as possible.

 My Contact Info: